Privacy Policy

This site has been developed with your security and privacy as the utmost in priority. To the point: we want you to have a safe, trouble-free experience on AEROCATS because we want you to use the site as intended, and we’d like you to keep coming back without hassle.

While no site is 100 percent immune to spyware, adware, and unwanted pop-up ads, rest assured that we’ve worked diligently to make sure that there is nothing on AEROCATS that will be intrusive to your device. We’ve scanned and checked all downloadable files to make sure they’re virus-free. Additionally, this site is hosted on a server whose security is top-notch and is regularly scanned for any sign of a virus, worm or other infection. In short, we’re not doing anything to your device or browser that you don’t want.

We do, however, use a simple, unobtrusive cookie to remember a few of your viewing preferences. We routinely use a pop-up window script for photos to illustrate points. And all external links to other sites will generate its own new browser window/tab so that you can still view this site underneath (if your browser will allow you, please recognize this site as ‘safe’ from which to accept pop-up windows).

Any information collected via our contact form is kept in strict confidence and will never be shared with anyone, nor will it be sold on a list. The information collected is solely for the sake of clarity and open communication between the sender and the owners of this site. Archived e-mails are kept in an encrypted file for safekeeping.

We’ve done everything humanly possible to make every visit to AEROCATS painless. If you ever find a malicious problem emanating from this site, please contact us immediately so that we can fix it.

Thank you for placing your trust in us.


AEROCATS respects each individual’s right to personal privacy. We will collect and use information through our website only in the ways disclosed in this statement. This statement applies solely to information collected at AEROCATS’s website.

Part I. Information Collection and Security
AEROCATS only collects information on our website submitted by registered users. Such information may include user-submitted news and events, uploaded photos, private messages and forum posts. The information is collected by the voluntary submittal of such by registered users.

AEROCATS’s website employs the use of “cookies”. A cookie is a small text file that our web server places on a user’s computer hard drive to be a unique identifier. Cookies enable AEROCATS to track usage patterns and deliver customized content to users. Our cookies do not collect personally identifiable information.

AEROCATS does not divulge any personally identifiable information about registered users or AEROCATS members to outside parties for any reason (with the exception of a request made for such information [which is legally warranted and presented in person] by an official law enforcement official or agency).

For COPPA compliance (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act), AEROCATS asserts that its website contains nothing designed, displayed or formatted to attract, influence, interest or solicit anyone under the age of eighteen. AEROCATS memberships are available only to individuals 18 and older.

Part II. Information Usage
The information collected by AEROCATS is used for the purposes of this website only. Registered users may receive additional announcements from us about site news, events, private messages, uploaded photos, forum posts and website updates. Out of respect for the privacy of our registered users we present the option to not receive these types of communications.

We do offer links to other websites. Please note: When you click on links to other websites, we encourage you to read their privacy policies. Their standards may differ from ours.

Because our website also offers forums, user-submitted news and events, and a photo gallery, please be advised that information posted in these venues becomes public knowledge with the submittal of any information or images contained therein.

We reserve the right to update our website privacy policy without notice. We reserve the right to remove user-submitted information or images without user consent or notice. We also reserve the right to add or remove site features without notice.

Part III. Access to Information
AEROCATS maintains the accuracy of our website’s information with daily updates. Users may access their own personal information and contact us about inaccuracies they may find by using the Contact Us link.

Part IV. Problem Resolution
If any problems arise from your use of this website, please feel free to contact AEROCATS by using the Contact Us link.