25th Anniversary Cougar


Ford Motor Company announced in late 1991 that a limited-edition run of 5,000 25th Anniversary Mercury Cougars would be produced for the 1992 model year. As a departure from the Medium Cabernet Red color on the previous 20th anniversary model offered in 1987, this new car would be painted Tourmaline Green (NA). The color was initially met with some concern as green typically did not signify a silver anniversary; however, the color green in general enjoyed a popular upswing in the early 1990’s, and this was a great opportunity to make the 25th Cougar a timely attraction. Once again, Ford senior designer Gary Senior penned this model, just as he did with the 20th Anniversary Cougar.

The 25th Anniversary Cougar package featured the sport-tuned suspension and a non-functional luggage rack. The side moldings behind the doors featured gold “25th ANNIVERSARY” lettering. The overall effect of this model was a striking contrast to the previous 20th Anniversary Cougar model, while still maintaining the class and heritage of the Cougar line.


The 25th’s interior was Mocha Tan (IC) featuring Ultrasuede seating with contrasting green carpeting, gusseting and seat piping. The floor mats, once again sent a few weeks after purchase of the car, were embroidered with the new 25th Anniversary emblem. All surfaces on the dash and doors were tan, with leather door accents. Interesting to note is that the carpeting was green while the headliner was tan—this was probably the first modern Cougar to have such a color scheme.


Originally the plan was to offer the high output 5.0 V8 engine as the sole motor for the 25th Anniversary Cougar. These cars were equipped with factory 4-wheel disc brakes, performance 3.08 gear, and dual exhaust. However, there were V6 models outfitted with the 25th package; they did not come with ABS and had rear drum brakes. It is assumed that the V6 cars were added on to the initial run of V8 cars due to dealer demand, as was customary for the time. The original goal of 5,000 Anniversary Cougars was almost met: recent Marti report data shows that a total of 4,800 of this model was produced, with the majority of them being V6 models.

The 25th Anniversary Cougar logo was embroidered into the original floor mats.

The 25th Anniversary cloisonné emblem was found on the C-pillar emblems and the steering wheel center, as well as the original set of keys.

The cloisonné keys for this car featured the 25th logo, and were highly difficult to obtain through Ford dealers. They are considered one of the rarest pieces to find in a later-model Cougar (1989-1997).

The gold cloisonné nomenclature was moved from the bulge in the taillights to the trunklid itself. This was the only 1989-97 Cougar to have no nomenclature on the taillights themselves.

Unique 15″ spoked BBS wheels with hexagonal center caps were fitted to the 25th Anniversary Cougar. Later on, these rims found their way on various Special Edition cars from 1993-97, as well as the 1996 Sport and 1997 Luxury Appearance Edition Cougar.

Special recessed molding displayed the letters “25TH ANNIVERSARY”.

The inside was all business, with prominent sport analog gauges and fingertip speed control. Note the 25th Anniversary emblem in the center of the steering wheel.

The owner’s manual case also sported an embossed 25th logo.

Premium Items

The 25th Anniversary Cougar also came with a special commemorative package sent to original owners after purchase and included the following items, all featuring the 25th Anniversary logo:

25th Anniversary Cougar Keychain The 25th logo keychain.
25th Anniversary Cougar Jacket Several owners have reported receiving this stunning green 25th Anniversary Cougar jacket, complete with embroidered logo in the front.
25th Anniversary Cougar Leather Bag25th Anniversary Cougar Leather Bag The leather bag with the 25th logo, another premium.
25th Anniversary Cougar Exterior Care Kit25th Anniversary Cougar Exterior Care Kit The 25th Anniversary exterior care kit, which contained a dusting cloth, clear coat polish, tire and trim dressing, glass cleaner, and a touch-up tube of Tourmaline Green paint.
25th Anniversary Cougar Cross Pen25th Anniversary Cougar Cross Pen A 25th Anniversary pen with case.



5.0L (302 cid) V8; 200 hp @ 4000 rpm; 275 lb-ft torque @ 3000 rpm
3.8L (232 cid) V6; 140 hp @ 3800 rpm; 215 lb-ft torque @ 2400 rpm
AOD-E 4-speed automatic with overdrive
V6 – Front 10.8″ disc, rear 9.8″ drum
V8 – Front 10.8″ disc, rear 10.0″ disc with antilock brakes
Wheelbase – 113″
Overall Length – 199.9″
Overall Width – 72.7″
Overall Height – 52.7″
Cargo Capacity – 15.2 cubic feet
Fuel Capacity – 18.0 gallons
V6 – 3587 lb.
V8 – 3753 lb.


TOTAL (confirmed) – 4,800