The 1995 Cougar

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Page Revised: 1 July 2019


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Eric Dess

Since the 1994 model year brought so many sweeping changes, 1995 was essentially a carryover year for the Mercury Cougar (and the second of a two-year cycle). About the only change was with exterior colors. Everything else—drivetrain, interior, and exterior styling—was identical to the 1994 car. The Cougar did seem to shed a few pounds.

1995 Cougar XR7 Steering Wheel

Ford's new corporate airbag steering wheel had found its way to the Cougar in 1994 and survived all the way through 1997. The double curve design was not only comfortable but also aesthetically pleasing.

1995 Cougar XR7 Cupholder

The Cougar's cupholder resided as a liner inside the console.

1995 Cougar XR7 Special

Following in the pawprints of the previous year's Feature Car, this special edition Cougar was an official option package. The actual name of the edition is unknown as of now, but it did feature a luggage rack and 15" BBS-style wheels which appear to be identical to those used on the 25th Anniversary Cougar. It is entirely possible that this is an early Sport model, officially produced in 1996.

1995 Cougar XR7 Feature Edition
1995 Cougar XR7 Feature Edition

The Feature Edition was indeed offered again in 1995, with seemingly more interior color choices, as shown by the Evergreen interior here.


Sales were slightly lower than the breakthrough 1994 model year, but the Cougar still looked to be in safe territory. By the end of the 1995 model year, however, rumors began to leak out about the uncertain future of the Cougar/Thunderbird program. It was becoming clearly evident that the sport utility market was skyrocketing, and the profit margin in that segment was extremely high. This, coupled with the shrinking midsize coupe segment, meant that Ford no longer gave the resources it once had to continue to significantly upgrade these cars. The MN12 cars were now in their seventh model year, an eternity in the modern era of cars, and still there was no news about a replacement chassis. Meanwhile, the uncertainty of Ford's wait-and-see policy meant that the Cougar would be around for at least a little while longer, anyway.


(standard) - 3.8L (232 cid) V6; 140 hp @ 3800 rpm; 215 lb-ft torque @ 2400 rpm
(optional) - 4.6 (281 cid) SOHC V8; 205 hp @ 4500 rpm; 265 lb-ft torque @ 3200 rpm
4R70W full electronic 4-speed automatic with overdrive
Front 10.8" disc, rear 9.8" drum
Optional with ABS - Front 10.8" disc, rear 10.0" disc with antilock brakes
Wheelbase - 113"
Overall Length - 199.9"
Overall Width - 72.7"
Overall Height - 52.5"
Cargo Capacity - 15.1 cubic feet
Fuel Capacity - 18.0 gallons
w/V6 - 3533 lb.
w/V8 - 3671 lb.


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