The 1989-97 Mercury Cougar

Welcome to one of the only sites on the Internet dedicated solely to the history and preservation of the MN12-chassis Mercury Cougar. AEROCATS is a comprehensive collection of MN12 Cougar model year and general information, and an online reference library that is free and open to anyone at any time. While there is no technical, performance, or repair information provided, we hope that you still enjoy the AEROCATS site for the repository that it is.

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Recent Site Updates

  • 2022.02.01 – Slight revamp of the entire AEROCATS site with additional information, images, and production numbers sprinkled throughout. All interior color codes are now accounted for. Updated some production numbers. Added new and interactive ways of viewing information.
  • 2019.07.10 – Relaunch of the all-new AEROCATS site.
  • 2019.07.01 – Added new MN12-related links to bottom footer section.
  • 2019.06.24 – Finally got confirmed production numbers for the 30th Anniversary Cougar model! Production numbers updated to reflect.